Let me start out by clarifying that I am no great lover of the Johar Chopra melo-melodrama’s that are churned out with great frequency and almost invariably end up as super-hits. I didn’t like Veer Zaara and Main Hoon Naa is on my list of ‘Most hated movies ever’.

So you can imagine that it was with some trepedition that I shelled out money to watch KANK. Again, this was not preplanned but I was stuck with a friend in fort and wanted to see the ‘new’ Metro and this was the only movie playing at that time.

I think I can venture to say that a hundred and twenty bucks did not completely go down the drain. The desire to write to write something clever like ‘Kank stank’ was overwhelming but I will admit that I enjoyed the movie. Not a National award winner by any means but certainly not as bad as the ‘thinking man’ has been making it out to be.  Yes, the movie has it’s fair share of problems, but I expect that from a Mr. Johar film anyways.

Pet peeves with the movie? Here:


a) The movie was way to weepy. Certainly a few bottle’s of glycerine could have easily been saved. I’m no psychologist but constant crying does not thrill too many people. Especially when your payng 150 bucks for it and after your bum is paining from sitting for over 3 hours. And on that topic, I know I’e read this somewhere before too- why does Rani Mukherji keep crying only from her right eye? The defining image of Ms. Mukherji in my eyes is now with a single teardrop rolling down out of her right eye. Sigh. And she’s such a pretty lady.

 b) Mr. Johar for all his “this is a movie made by a man, not a boy” talk can’t seem to end without a happy, soppy, conventional ending. I’d have liked the movie much better if the two weepers had just gone their separate ways. the whole 3 years later part was unnecessary. Life doesn’t always have a happy ending does it ?

c) Lots of areas where the plot line is a bit too farfetched. Like the two opposite spouses readily discussing their marriages with each other. WTF? does that really happen in life? Lots of other instances like this, which I won’t get into.

 But everyone watches a movie like this for the celeb-quotient right? Shah Rukh Khan has hammed like never before. His overacting is soo irritating that everybody else looks like Oscar nominees in front of him. Abhishek Bachhan and his dad totally steal the show. Some funny moments come from them. 

 But I am a bit surprised at why the movie is being so widely criticized. OK, my first movie review-ish post is done. Ciao.