The dawn of a new era….

Yeah I know I’m being pretentious. But that’s not always a bad thing is it? Just hope I’m regular with this thing.


3 thoughts on “The dawn of a new era….

  1. The human ego is the fountainhead of his growth

    or something of the sort (am reading the fountainhead right now) keep it darn well regular and being your only reader (who doesnt have a very keen interest in movies) i want you to review tv stuff too! 😀

  2. haha..dude, i cant understand ANY of the symbolism, iam reading at this extremely shallow level, just understanding the story as it is, placidly ignoring the fact that the story is actually saying something to me..apparently this is supposed to make me more capitalist, lol..and i feel more communist with every read..damn them americans 😀

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