Blue Velvet

So I finally, finally did get around to watching a David Lynch movie. Now I had heard so may good things about him and his work that I was sure I would love Blue Velvet, considered by many to be his greatest work.

However, I’m really sorry to report that I could not, try as I might, fall in love with it despite my greatest desire to do so. If the movie does have any underlying message, then well it’s too well hidden for someone like me to appreciate it . I know a lot of people are gonna want to kill me for this but Blue Velvet IMHO is a definitely not a movie that should be inthe IMDB top 250 as so may people suggest.

Pet peeves:

1) The actress who plays Sandy, Berns or something….horrible. Looks and acts equally badly. Can’t decide which is worse.
2) The scene with the dream about the robins and Jeffrey saying “Why are there people like Frank in this world?” has to be in the running for 101 most pretentious movie scenes ever. If that wasn’t amateurish I don’t know what is.
3)I think the S&M was excessive. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not why I didn’t like the movie but I really do feel that it was just put in there for shock value. Not really necessary.
4)There was no real mystery(I was going to suspense, but I guess not the right word) to the story was there? I mean I loved how the scenes were built up and tension was created, but I thought the end was a bit of an anticlimax, way too tame. I don’t think anyone was ever thrown off their guard while watching the movie. A twist would have been nice.
5) I know it’s a movie but why did Jeffrey have to be so *beep* curious? Who is sooo curious to hide in rooms of women who are tangled up with murder? Not very realistic.
6) The part where the two kiss in that club or restaurant is as  corny as hell. Lame, lame, lame…
7)Frank Booth was fascinating as an actor but as a character I feel there was too little background given to get into him. And can someone tell me if that mask thing he wore was related to the plot or was it just a character quirk?
8)I read somewhere that the scene in Ben’s apartment wheer they sing candy coloured clown was the most bold scene ever shot on film. Why?
9) Was the ear really that important to the plot? Symbolic, maybe. As relevant as some claim? I don’t agree.

Again I am no movie critic so if you feel I am being arrogant and showing my lack of experience about such events : guilty as charged. Please just point out for me how to interpret it better and I’d be greatly obliged.

And just clearing that I didn’t hate the film. I loved how the contrasts between good/bad and day/night were shown(the scissors scene at the beginning could give anyone the goosebumps), the background score is absolutely awesome , the guy playing Jeffrey (Kyle MacLachan?) was really belivable and the Blue Velvet song has been playing in a loop in my head for a week now.