Lucky Latif

Has lady luck been masquerading as Maa Kali of late?

Because Saurav Ganguly is one lucky bastard.

Crap like this is getting me all worked up:

The  only time Ganguly has looked even remotely comfortable was in the first test when the South Africans were bowling it short, but they were bowling short outside the stumps. That gives him room to free his arms and cut or pull, which is the only thing he can do when they pitch it short to him.

 But obviously Smith and his boys went back and did some homework. Cometh the second test, everything thrown short at him was directed in to him at his ribs, cramping him up. And ever since, he’s looked as confident as a  penguin doing a tap dance. The entire second innings at Durban was swing and miss luckily connect. Ditto for the first innings at Newlands. As Harsha Bhogle said on air, this was not something you wanted to see, even  if you weren’t a cricket fan.  And he should have been out first ball in the second innings if Smith hadn’t been so bullheaded as to not have a fourth slip when Makhaya Ntini was bowling. I mean come on, for Saurav Ganguly, you have a fourth slip even when Saurav Ganguly is bowling!

And just to clear it out, I am not your ubiquitous Ganguly hater. I’d genuinely like to see him do well. But lets be brutally honest here, he should not be there in the test team. ODI, yeah maybe. But not for tests.

And for Ravi Shastri and all the assholes who suggested sending Sehwag to open, HA! Look what happened. Sehwag should never be opening. His technique is way to poor. He should bat at 6, so he can face the old ball and score some quick runs before the tail disappears. He was looking fine in the first innings wasn’t he? All this ‘taking the attack to the opposition’ is no good if a 24 inch python can travel between your bat and pad.


From Cricinfo:Pardeep Sharma stings us with this, “Looks like Laxman was watching the match on TV, else he would have joined Dravid. Embarassing situation for India – ideally the whole team should be padded up if Sehwag is opening for India”

Well someone still has a sense of humour.


5 thoughts on “Lucky Latif

  1. chinaman March 18, 2007 / 4:47 pm

    The wheels of fortune has turned a full circle.

    …”Crap like this is getting me all worked up:“….

    Crap huh?
    Since that day I wrote the article, the only player who has been scoring runs has been Saurav Ganguly, bagging a man of the Series in the process.

    Oh, before you say ODI and Tests are different, but basic skills of batting aren’t.

    Yesterday, Bangladesh has been proved comprehensibly what damage Chappell, Dravid and More combination has done to Team India.

    Dravid, if he has any self respect, it is time he hould step down as captain.

  2. Ameya March 20, 2007 / 2:48 pm


    OK, I apologize. Maybe I overreacted to you guy(s?).
    But I digress, against quality pace bowling, Saurav Ganguly IS STILL circumspect.

    I’m really happy that he’s doing well now and good for him, but a couple of months ago, what with his domestic record at that point of time, he shouldn’t have been picked for the tests with the Proteas. Period.

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