I know Jeffrey Archer is not literature, but with some of his previous works, you’d excuse me for being tempted to pick up his latest. Unfortunately, ‘False Impression’ totally lives up to its name and is pure humbug. The whole book is basically about a certain Dr. Anna Pertescu (who seems to have stepped straight out of one of Sidney Sheldon’s books) using the 9/11 tragedy to save someones life in England. Through in a missing Van Gogh and that’s pretty much it.  The whole plot is so contrived that even a four year old would show great disbelief.  Everyone seems to be escaping and stealing too conveniently for you to hold any interest. The central character does not do anything even remotely smart, its always the bad guys who keep slipping up. No red herrings along the way at all, just a lot of flip flopping between the scenes to confuse you….the ending is a huge anti-climax.

Normally I wouldn’t  think too much about this …. console myself thinking that there must’ve been something I learned, but unless you’re interested in Impressionist Art and the price (or cost? still confused between the two!) of a whole lotta paintings,  you certainly aren’t taking much away from here.  Uhhh…Mr. Archer? Go back to writing short stories, that’s where you are best…or atleast used too be. Seriously, this is something that you should put right up with your HSC physics textbooks… ship off to your enemies.