Greetings folks. I’m expecting this post to be cut short any moment by a knock at the door if when my dad chooses to get up at this unearthly hour (which WILL happen, I don’t need Murphy to tell me that)  at which I will with a show of reflexes not previously known from me, switch off the monitor with my left index finger while grabbing Mesrs.  Sadri, Patgawkar and Co’s  ‘Applied Sciences II’  which I have strategically opened to ‘Water-line Corrosion’ and placed on a chair next to me, with my right.  Phew, that was a hell of a sentence.

On a second look though it doesn’t seem too good and I’m sure that if I pasted it in MS Word I’d get a ton of those green squiggly lines which tell you – Fragment (consider revising). But what the heck, I spent five minutes typing that up,  so it stays. Boo.

And is it just me, or does everyone spend time between exams planning up things to do once the hols begin (yeah, I still have an Enid Blyton hangover. Sue me. *) which we all know perfectly well will be promptly consigned to the  -Naah, too boring- category once they start? It’s bad enough that I spent my entire PL downloading 11 -yep, that’s eleven- movies and the entire second season of Lost.  Then this morning I run into this on our LAN,  which looks positively yummy (the movie, not Cate Blanchett**).  Well, I was always of the weak kind you know… the first guy to succumb to temptation, the guy who is the first to walk out of the room when the teacher tells everyone who hasn’t brought their English Composition books to leave the class. Thats just me. So I sit. And I watch. And then spend an hour reading about Judi Dench’s grandma on IMDB. Perfectly normal way for me to spend time on the day before exams. Sometimes I wonder why I’m in a vegetarian college. I think I just got my answer…

Also yesterday was not a good day because I had second cousins visiting. Are all cousins so mindnumbingly irritating? Mine never seem to grow beyond 9. They just seem to stay rooted in some strange variation of the fourth dimension where they never seem to grow beyond spilling milk all over the table, leaving the newspaper strewn all over the couch, playing ‘Dangerous Dave’ (no kidding) and when all else fails spitting at people on the street from the balcony. Yeah. Was it fate that lead me to this? The man certainly has a point.

Also got Shantaram last week. That book is way too big. Aah well, chapter one was good… hope the rest doesn’t drag.

Word of the day : Bathos !

Anyways … I think i better get back to Techmax Publications what with the exam just 9 and a half hours away. Adios…..

* I’ve always wanted to say that !

** And that too !