Headaches etc.

Edit: This is being posted tremendously late. I typed it all up about a year ago and then forgot to post it. Anyways…

I now know exactly why people make movies like ‘Dil Dosti Etc’. It’s to help sorry souls like me to rediscover their blogging mojo. In my defence I will say that we’d gone to see ‘Manorama: 6 feet under'(hardly an inviting title eh?) but they were running just one show of it and well…you know the drill. Now I really regret not having gone home and watching it on the comp instead but I had a newspaper with me where I saw Mayank Shekhar saying that it was a good movie.

Now I don’t subscribe to Mumbai Mirror, but from whatever of it I do get to read occasionally, this guy seemed pretty decent. I generally go for reviews from Raja Sen(please ignore his star rating though-read the review) over at Rediff and this chap who also seems pretty sensible. My bad in trusting Mr. Mayank Shekhar. All I have to say to him is : What the fuck???

Listen dude, I gave up on The Slimes Of India long ago, so I don’t give a rat’s ass if it gives DDE 3 stars. But if there ever was a review which was paid for, pretentious and oh so hollow, it’s gotta be yours. Your Mumbai Mirror website is so horrible that even after 20 minutes I haven’t managed to find a link to it so I give up. But seriously, you liked the movie? It reminded you of your Delhi University days? Really? That means all you ever did at DU was fight for elections, visit brothels and oh yes smoke cheap cigarettes. (off topic- wasn’t smoking banned on reel?) I never thought I’d say this but MU seems like a haven in comparison.

Anyways, I find myself at a loss for words(which is probably why I blog so much 😦 ) to tell you more. There is no story, the dialogoues are painfully bad and contrived, the girls are groan inducing as well. But the X-factor has got to be the acting. I haven’t seen anybody acting worse than this…EVER. I hope Naseeruddin Shah slapped his son silly. In fact I really hope he disowns him. Honestly, this is hands down the worst movie I’ve ever seen in a theatre. I’m sure there have been worse movies but well, they don’t take themselves so seriously. Something like ‘See No Evil’ tends to fall into the so bad that its good category. But genuinely guys… I’m not going overboard, I’m not exaggerating. But if you don’t believe me…well you still shouldn’t watch this pathetic excuse for a movie to prove me wrong!