The best one line undressing I’ve heard in a long time comes from Nasser Hussain. Suresh Raina is struggling with the barrage of short deliveries he’s getting from the English quicks and Nass goes in that delightfully ambiguous accent of his:

“I’ve heard a lot about this lad Raina. Didn’t they allow bouncers in the IPL?”

Wow. Pure acidic class.

But isn’t it fantastic to watch cricket with a quality commentary team in place? Yes Anil Kumble is way too reserved to be a commentator and that baritone makes me think he should replace Amitabh Bachhan as a narrator in movies. Yes, Wasim Akram needs to get out of that irritating habit of reading whatever statistical data is displayed on the TV screen. But they both radiate sincerity and somehow make you feel like you’re back in school with the teacher(who knows all!) breaking things down for you.

And the rest of the team is just brilliant. Harsha Bhogle, David Lloyd, Tony Cozier, Ian Bishop, Nasser Hussain, Simon Doull and the rest are so much fun to listen to. Compare this to the SONY team for the IPL which was like a hyperactive kid on recreational drugs what with the slides and all.  Such a relief to be free of the hyperventilating Ravi Shastri and uber pretentious Sunil Gavaskar. Speaking of Ravi Shastri, just remembered this metaphor I’d read about him (probably on Cricinfo) where he was likened to  a hyena, howling because he was trapped in a barbed wire fence at midnight!

And Cricinfo’s  Fantasy Cricket is so addictive! I only started properly playing in the IPL, but I didn’t make my transfers regularly then, logging on once in 3 days or so. But in this World Cup, I’ve been very regular and I have enjoyed it a lot. I wonder why they don’t advertise about it on ESPN or offer any prizes… Anyways, I’m in the top 7000 as of now, not bad for a nOOb 🙂

All fans of sarcasm (and those who know nothing about medicine in particular) should watch ‘Dr. House’. Outrageously fantastic dialogues, enough thrills to keep you hooked and fantstic acting from the entire cast. And I’ve really learned a little bit about medicine in general as well (which was not too difficult consuidering that i knew absolutely nothing, but still). Likewise ‘Entourage” which is….ummm…so much Fun. That’s really the best way to describe it, fun. Can’t wait for the next season of both…