Eulogy time

It’s a bit late, but it’s not like anyone is  waiting with bated breath is it? My 2 paisa on Michael Jackson…

I knew who Jackson was since I was a very small but he really burst into the public conciousness of the 90’s generation when he visited Mumbai in 1996. I was 8 then and remember Michael Jackson pissing in Bal Thakrey’s loo and leaving a note in his pillow cover at the hotel, but 8 is not an age where I understood too much about music.

You ask most people which song of  Michael Jackson they remember the most and you’d likely get answers like Billie Jean or Beat it or something from that era. The one I remember the most comes from his last (and worst according to most people) album  “Invincible”. It was called ‘You Rock My World’.  I was 13 or so then, which is a very impressionable age and one where watching Channel V made you cool in school.  I could never keep up the facade of liking Music channels though and gave up pretty early, but I digress. A friend brought the original cassete (CD’s cost 500 bucks then!) of Invincible which I recorded onto another cassete. It’s kinda like burning from one CD directly to another 😛 (sheesh, this sounds so antiquated!). I used to listen to it quite a lot and I especially remember liking this one song ‘2000 Watts’.

I know in hindsight, it probably wasn’t all that good and I liked it only because I wanted to like it…but such is the innocence of youth(!). I haven’t listened to anything from that album since a month after I got the casette to be honest. Then came all the scandals, the allegations and all through it a small part of me, even though I hardly knew anything about him, wanted to believe it wasn’t true. I don’t know why, I’ve thought about this many times, I just liked him.

Then in 2006, I got a cell phone. I was finally able to listen to whatver music I wanted to listen to without any disapproving stares. I listened to Jackson’s old songs, loved a few…hated a few more. I went on to Youtube, watched some of his old Pepsi Commercials and a part of me felt vindicated for liking him,  for he did seem likable.

And so as does always happen when someone famous dies, it unleashes a barrage of dormant memories.  Wacko Jacko, thanks a lot for that burst of nostalgia!

And this article(post?) is really very good. Please read it.  I have often been puzzled in the past two weeks, how someone who was such a loner, a bit of a psychopath, an alleged paedophile and much more was suddenly put onto a Mother Teresa like pedestal. Today, where 15 minutes of fame is making everyone and his dog a celebrity, it’s more important than ever to separate the celebrity persona and the person.