Random thoughts

  • Can anyone please explain this? Why does the Times Of India(or the Slimes Of India, whatever you call it) always print the word allegedly in italics, as ‘allegedly’ these days? It makes no sense. Perhaps in a news report, in some attempt of  pseudo fairness, despite being absurd, you could possibly understand the reasoning behind it. But even in editorial content and opinion pieces? They should really have a ‘Readers Editor’ or something like they have at HT so this could be cleared up…
  • I have this feeling that the advent of digital cameras has probably hurt the fine art of photography more than it has helped it. In the olden days(10 years ago in my life 😛 ), when you had just 36 pictures to a roll and and a roll of film cost you over a 100 bucks to buy and almost as much to develop, people were much more circumspect about what they clicked. Scarcity maintained some degree of quality. Everyone made an effort, before clicking to ensure that they would get that perfect picture. Today, you know even if your first attempt doesn’t come off too well, you can click again and again without worrying about ‘roll khatam ho raha hai’.  I was going through some old photo albums last week and the photographs, clicked by my dad in the 1980’s, seemed oh so sensible and sane. Whereas, I get the feeling that these days with 4 GB memory cards and the like, which give you pretty much an unlimited capacity to click, people just go bonkers clicking around. You only need to see the number of pics on facebook of people monkeying around to get this, I know someone who has over 700 pics of himself!
  • I guess that in all probability, there are still an equal number of good photographs, only that there are more bad ones to spoil the effect.Or maybe I’m just being nostalgic and like flipping through an album rather than viewing a slideshow?