The beginning of the end?


I swore when I was heading here in the train this term that I wanted to do something this term. And so I decided to blog everyday. Which I have now reframed as blog regularly. 😛

So far I’ve never written about day to day experiences. But this is probably the coolest period of life, and I love looking back at  things later, so this is now for some time, a chronicle of what happens over the next 6 months in the hallowed portals (super cheesy cliche #1 for the night 🙂  ) that I currently reside in and inspired by everyone’s favourite Bhaiyya’s blog. 2 terms to go, hence the title of the post.

So coming back to business

So another night has passed with zero output. Random chatting in this room and that, with different people doing different things. Spoke to Bhaiyya and Switzerland after their drama rehearsal. With The Bull and The Jamaican after god knows what. Discussed a case study with Mr. Pelam-Pal and Shehenshah which I wasn’t even doing. Read about 20 pages of Rajgopalchari’s The Mahabharata. Washed my socks. And boom! It’s 6 30 am. And Bishu-da hasn’t even come back to campus for the term yet. Not the most efficient start to the term to say the least. :-/

Prior to this, spent half the morning lolling (that’s a word, no red squiggly line!) around in bed. Also finished Chapter 1 (Prahar, 1991) of my Introduction to Bollywood course taught by Flirty. Started on a fitness regimen. And Father sneaked me in to the welcome dinner for the exchange students despite the tragic story of my buddy, so that was fun. And and and……and that is it.

Jamshedpur is pretty in the mornings. Awesome-mausam is Pelam-pal says. The air is heavy with the morning dew, a light drizzle seems imminent, the temperature is just perfect. Such a shame to need to go to bed at this hour.

The problem with free time is that you only value it when it’s not there. Life is meandering along, the to-do list grows longer and longer and you sometimes want to pause and think about the hopelessness of it all.  I shall stop before I feel the urge to get poetic 😛


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