An unusual Saturday

So a Saturday night, and no party on the first floor of the TSTMR. (Although this is a extremely constrained definition of the word ‘party’ that has come to have developed here.) With a pretty empty Sunday up ahead as well. That’s gotta be a first for a long time here :-/

Finished with Chapter II of Flirty’s Introduction to Bollywood course: Katha. It’s a haraami film to be honest…and it shows haraami-panti pays as well (I’m kinda not surprised that Flirty loved it 😛 ) But at least it had a relatively happy ending with Naseeruddin Shah getting married to the pretty girl in the end….so there is some justice in the world! More than the movie, really loved the peek into 1982 Mumbai. The chawl setting was just perfect. Even though the closest I’ve lived to in a chawl is annual visits to Shastri Hall, but seemed like all of aaji’s stories and PuLa Deshpande plays a la Batatyachi Chaal were set right here. Some scenes were downright cute ‘behave like a 1982 ki ladki’, the party at a place which looked like one of the buildings opposite Marine Drive with Goldspot and Limca bottles, the reverence with which a television set is treated etc. The water troubles, the rationing, the scenes at the bus stand were one’s totally associatable. It was almost as if the movie was made to provide someone with a glimpse into the world 30 years later. An excellent history lesson indeed 🙂

Apart from this, the last couple of days have been all about reviewing of CV’s, and boy do they need some reviewing or what! Not to mention requests  to verify them online every time you take a nap! Also took some mock interviews today…..turned out better than I thought it’d! Still no classes yet, 3 courses haven’t even begun yet. I forsee a repeat of August post the SIP 😮

As usual it’s almost daylight as I contemplate going off to sleep. I glance into the corridor as I bid the Ghissand alvida…he’s off to Kolkata to visit his girlfriend for a day and all the usual suspects have their lights on: MyMan, Bhaiyya, Randy (although he sleeps with the lights on so doesn’t count) and yours truly. There is a mix of drunk and weeded desi’s and firaangs at Bishuda’s. Another week with nothing on the horizon beckons. Oh well, time to live it up somehow!


2 thoughts on “An unusual Saturday

  1. Mona September 26, 2011 / 9:55 am

    Well… firstly, this post kind of made me crazily nostalgic (do i miss hostel life or what??!!)… secondly, katha… what movie is this?? never heard of it… but you make it sound super-interesting!!… would like to check it out sometime in future.. :)… lastly, i read a lot of blogs, and quite regularly at that… but, tell you what, only a few bloggers have the capacity to actually get you hooked on to their posts… sort of delve into them, relate to them, feel them and get that really warm feeling… you kind of manage to do that with your posts… !!! you literally paint pictures with your words… looking forward to more posts from you.. 🙂

  2. Ameya October 3, 2011 / 5:04 am

    High praise indeed! Slightly undeserved if you ask me…but surely…inspiration to write more often 🙂

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