An eventful week indeed….

Much time has passed since I last wrote here….an entire week infact. I was tempted on more than one night to post but something or the other kept popping up which left the poor blog on the backurner. Anyways, since last week we have had ton’s of good news here on the First Floor. First up was the Bhaiyya’s birthday party, remember last year he’d hidden his birthday from everyone! But this time someone very special to him was very kind to ensure that we did not forget. We had a proper old school birthday complete with a beer-dunk, eggs and a Digene-dunk as well (yes, you read right :P) plus sparkler candles and cake that ended up being eaten for a change. What followed post that is what generally follows on such nights. ‘Nuff said 🙂

And if that wasn’t enough Sooperman confirmed his stay in Basel for the next year the coming afternoon. As the Cheap Placecommer put it, someone just totally fucked the system upside down. This is going to be XL lore now….the biggest and the baddest job goes to the guy who has his priorities really sorted out, for anyone who needs an example of ‘your grades are not the most important thing in the world’, you couldn’t have a better example. Someone whom everyone all around agrees totally deserves it and has the respect of everyone, difficult to find someone like that in the fragmented and competitive environment that a B-school is.

The big boys from Basel were also on campus for the week which saw 11 people going through the complete rigmarole. Some heartbreak, some joy, some surprises and some of the expected. If this is a trailer for the SIP, there is one hell of  a roller coaster ride up ahead for everyone… It’s surprising what an enormous difference a year can make in perspective, in attitude and dare I say, even in maturity? Just being on the other side of the table seems to change the way you think. Or perhaps once you see your own friends and classmates breaking down come February, all such illusions will disappear with a *poof* 😮

More good news was to follow later in the week. The Great One, the Chimney and the Bhaiyya all got the single smiley amongst others. Again heartbreak for those who miss out, especially when you’re in the minority but as they say nil fit sine causa (yes, I Googled that). The first WN of the term was right next door this time and not in Enright as always. Eventually everyone ended up doing what they usually do 🙂 Unfortunately, the Blue Gems had a workshop to run next morning which was rushed to on 4 hours of sleep with the secy knocked out cold and which ran into the wee hours of the next morning. And even after that the Bakar continued where it always does, Room #101 until once again, it was daylight outside!

Lots more to describe, but the Spammer Prof has just come out with his grade sheets. And a long day ahead with tons of phonecalls to make. Fingers crossed for an exciting week ahead….

Lastly for the day, thank you YouTube for suddenly playing the official song of the hostel last term….for reasons known to everyone! Would be great fun to reminiscence over some years from now 🙂


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