It’s a Sunday morning. I woke up at 6 am today. 6 am! I must have done that less than 30 times in my entire XL life! It felt good actually. 12 hours ago, last evening I’d also woken up at 6 O’ clock. I was so disoriented when I woke up and looked at my watch, that I didn’t know whether it was 6 in the morning or evening. Then I looked at my window. My window is weird. Half of it faces a wall, the other half looks out onto the path to the hostel. And they’ve given me just half a curtain. So the part overlooking the way to the hostel is curtained when I sleep. That leaves the part facing the wall open. Difficult to make out whether it’s daylight or night. Difficult, but not impossible. Alas, I digress. I looked out of my window and saw some darkness. Surely it must be 6 in the evening then. Had it been Mumbai, it would have been ulta…6 in the morning would mean darkness. But yahaan toh it becomes bright at 5 AM wonly….

What a pointless ramble that was…

Anyways, that has me up at 6 am on a Sunday morning. I do this and that for a while, take a bath. Take a bath before the 9 AM class! This toh I’ve surely done less than 20 times I’d guesstimate. But then I’m not a good consultant. Anyways. Managerial Counselling. MyMan and the Bhaiyya were….well drunk. I wanted to use a better term for that, so I actually Googled it up. Did you know there are around a 100 ways to say that!  Had never heard of quite a few of them. Schnockered  seems nice. Nice class, entertained myself by looking at MyMan and his triad.  Another one at 2 30 this afternoon.

What made me come over here this morning? I guess it was reading MyMan’s blog. The guy’s a genius. Whattay forcefitting. A #win to his candidness…enviable.

I just saw my last post. Lots of smiley’s. Is that girly? I don’t know…I kinda like smiley’s. Especially this one ‘:-/’ But WordPress does not convert it into an emoticon which is sad…

Sleep has been fitful ever since the one  day sojourn to Kolkata. Woke up with half a nightmare…..okay, not a nightmare but a bad dream this morning. Then in that glorious state of transcendence between consciousness and sleep, I heard some song from DDLJ (I think!) playing at top volume from #107. Meh. That woke me up. I can’t even recall the dream now…just that it involved a discussion with someone on the pointlessness of life, on how can you decide whether your life has been successful or a failure.

It’s all about equity I guess. Life is a race of horses and mules. You may be a horse or you may be a mule, but then you want to be that white horse with the handsome mane, cantering ahead of everyone. To comfort yourself, you look back and see some mules, stumbling along, doing the best they can as happy as you like. What’s the right way to go? Where should you look? Is it okay to take the easy way out? What is the right answer? I know, I know…there is no right answer. But being in XL has given me a lot of perspective about this. Now to translate that perspective into evaluative feedback…

I remember what someone told me about a month ago: ‘Being happy is in your own hands’. Best. Advice. Ever.

I sense I am rambling into nothingness. Tons to do but this is the time when you want to do nothing. Pelampal’s suggestion suddenly makes sense. I want to make a bucket list. For this year or for life though?


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