Early mornings…

Early mornings seem to be a good time to blog, especially when the entire day seems to stretch before you! Which is a bad thing as well (trust a true pessimist to come up with the flipside of a sunrise as well 😛  ). It’s like the PL Mumbai University offers its naive engineering students, stretching so far and wide beyond that you think ‘bahaut time hai, sab ho jaayega’. And then before you know it’s afternoon, you’re sleepy coz you woke up early and that’s the end of all the gloriousness planned with the rising of the dawn!

If nothing else, mornings should make you think of the future and to what lies ahead right? I seem to feel extra nostalgic this morning. Maybe because I spent some great time speaking to Dani Bhai about KJ yesterday…reminiscing about the nothingness of 4 years, text to speech translators and what not. Some memories which’ll never fail to bring a smile to your face! Especially the magic of El Mundo 🙂 . Takes you back some 4 or 5 years…which seems like an era of innocence now!

Also chanced upon this fabulous blogpost: Party like it’s 1989 (I think my mom would like it!) which leads you to a guilt trip including all the sitcoms of 1980’s USA (read late 1990’s India) like the Hogan Family, Small Wonder, Full House and others. Takes you 10 years back in time, to cricket in the evenings, TV in the bedroom with ‘jevanaachi taatali’ (lunch plate) in hand after school so that aaji can watch her soap’s as well, to hours and hours spent in becoming a pro wrestling smark on a dial-up connection!

CAT scores maybe? Came out last night and take you back a couple of years..but what a heady time that is in your life, that period after the results (when they’re good and before the next round which is the GD’s and PI’s). As I told a friend who’s nailed the feline, let the feeling sink in and enjoy the goodness success brings (especially when it’s rare, who the hell would value it if you topped everyday?). The warm afterglow slowly makes way for emptiness as comprehension dawns about the fact that your life so far has been just fun and games, while the world has been DOING the things that seem to matter!


Happy New Year!

Yes, long time indeed :-/

Decisions are always difficult to make. It’s easy to say, toss a coin and when the coin is up in the air…you know what your heart wants. I liked that line a lot, even made a Facebook status update about it once. I found out that when you’re really confused even that doesn’t work. So much for that…

Perhaps one concept which I’ve learnt here and I’ve loved is that of ‘cognitive dissonance’. It’s a marketing concept, which is summed up as ‘doubting your own choices’. About.com says that ‘The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feeling of discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs.’ Whatever, as the ladies say. But cognitive dissonance is something I fear, I want to avoid. It’d be awesome if you could stop second guessing yourself, wouldn’t it? It is the season of pre placement talks and I realise that the nicest feeling in the world  would be, or the people who seem to be sure of themselves seem to have – is to know what you want!

2012 feels just like 2011 (except for the damned New Year’s Party where I suddenly felt very philosophical) there’s nothing that really separates the two. Well never does in any year I guess, but in XL time just seems to be standing still in a mass of it’s own.  There’s a general disconnect with the outside world, which is at some level…disturbingly nice?  Well at least there aren’t too many classes which makes your day completely topsy turvy. 6th dawn-break in a row that I will see today! I want to try and relate my last term here to my last term of graduation (or under-graduation as all my foreign educated friends would have me call it), but so far I can’t. A couple of months of a major nostalgia trip (induced by some enterprising souls already digging up old photographs on Facebook) has started. Relationships though even after close to 2 years in the same place still seem transient, ever changing…you don’t know who you get close to and whom you move away from. (BTW, relationships here is in a completely platonic sense of the word, scratch that as well…platonic isn’t the right word either. Okay, let me put it this way – not the ‘relationship’-wala relationship that I meant. There, that should clear it up for posterity.) Shudder to think how many changes would happen here over 4 years! As Cheapuraja says, ‘Yeh MBA badi kutti cheez hai’. Life in an engineering college was so less complicated. Or maybe I’m in rosy retrospection mode now…

On a side note, attended the most awesomely presented pre placement talk today. When you can talk for 2 hours straight without missing a beat, I think I’ll know I’ve arrived 🙂