Goodbye and Good night…

“Why do all good things have to come to an end?”

“If they didn’t come to an end would they stay as good? We should be glad to leave on a high..”

So it’s here. Finally. The finishing line everyone looked to reach, but as you started getting closer and closer, you secretly started wishing it was a little further away.

Can’t say you weren’t prepared or forewarned. The countdown started long enough ago. You remember that status update on Facebook which said a 100 days to go. Then this last term started. People came back from abroad, all touchy-feely. Everyone knew they were getting closer. 50 days to go. Last month. Then the big dragon (think the one Mario had to slay to get to the princess) that is the CRP is slain and you’re still alive and kicking. Now the finish line is in sight. But you don’t want to cross it. Perhaps the princess isn’t pretty enough? [:P]  Alas! You’ve been running too fast. The momentum’s carrying you over the line anyways…

What is it about endings that you tend to eulogize them such? The most noticeable thing about this one is that it’s happening so fast. Even at the 2 cocktail-ish parties over the past couple of days, there is still talk about examinations, reports and unattended submissions from a week prior. You hardly get any time to sit and mope. That’s classic XL. If it weren’t for Facebook and all the ‘me too’ statuses (guilty as charged), it’s really more of the same.

So what’s changed over the past week or more? You look within and you realise it’s that you’re ticking things off. Is this the last time driving through Jubilee Park? Is this the last chaai at Dadu’s? The last paratha at Bishuda’s? The last time you’re withdrawing money from that cute SBI ATM? The last trip to the Dhaba? The last breakfast at MadSam? You hope not. Surely you have another day to go. Will you be able to do it again? Hopefully yes, there’s got to be another chance. But there is that sudden ‘what if you don’t’? So you stand there for a minute, you preserve the memory and you cherish the moment.

And then there are the things you know. The last class you attended as a student in your life. The last exam you’ll give. The last post-mortem at Dadu’s post a quiz. The last dinner at that goddamned JK Residency. The last starter ordered at 60 ml. Hell, even the last time using that old fashioned and creaky washing machine. And the packing is the worst. You’re still putting off tearing Hugh Laurie from the wall.

I missed engineering college as well. I remember writing a similar post then as well. What’s different? Well, I guess that was a part of life. XL is life. For 2 years, this campus, these 240 souls you bump into all the time, those 59 classmates of yours, those 12 guys you’ve shared a corridor for a year have defined life as it is. Life as you know it, is about to change.  Relationships with these fine folks will never be the same again. You’ll come back again, but it won’t be like coming home anymore.

There are 28 hours to go. Suddenly what he says makes sense. You need to make the most of it. Do all those things you want to do again. Preserve those memories. All of them. The veil of nonchalance that your subconscious was unknowingly trying to erect is crumbling. Do the only thing that could make sense now. Sit back on that bed for the penultimate time. And play that melody known as ‘XL meri jaan‘…