To the end of beginnings…

There is some charm about a new place after all. Yes you hardly know anyone. Intuitively you want to crib. You long for familiarity, someone to show you around, someone to talk to without having to build that comfort level, without having to go through the process of getting to know everyone. You dread starting over again. But you don’t have that, so what do you have?

An opportunity to start afresh. No baggage to carry, no concessions to make. No responsibilities, no obligations to honour (yes, much as one enjoys the company of people, it does involve being dragged into things one may not want to do). A chance to do things your way, to be able to experience different ways and to be able to figure out the right way, all over again.

No one who judges you – a chance to allow everyone you meet to paint you without any prejudices overheard. No reputations to live up to? It’d be possible to completely change your nature, your image, your perception? There is after all no baggage…hell it’s even possible to be the next MyMan.

A chance to explore a new place. A chance to form a routine. A chance to do everything yourself – this is training for the rest of your life. A chance to do things, try things which you’d never done before – learn new skills. Make mistakes without worrying about who will be looking and laughing. A chance to change habits – form good ones, get rid of old ones. Meet new people, step out of your usual circles which we stay in when we know people. You know, the possibilities are endless. This actually seems exciting J

It’s like that day before the beginning of the school year. When you buy your textbooks, your notebooks, the workbooks and the whole lot. Opening them up and smelling the glue on the binding. Writing in a new notebook used to be so exciting (damn the free stationary you get in offices…taken away that charm). You’re always careful over the first few pages, careful with the details on the first page, trying to come up with the neatest and cleanest handwriting that you can, ensuring you note down every smallest thing the teacher says, even the date in the top left corner is nicely noted down.

I kinda feel like that. This is a fresh start. The smell of the paint on the walls, the roughness of the starch from unwashed bedsheets, the stickers on the utensils – they’re just like the glue in the binding.

See once the pages are dog eared, the cover is soiled and there are a zillion mistakes on the first few pages, you never even bother upon basic ‘hygiene factor’ things like handwriting either. ‘Oh screw it’ becomes the default template reaction before you even realise.

It’s essential to not let that stage arise. Here’s to fresh starts and experiences which make you a better person!