For lack of a better title – 2016

So with the New Year – which is already slightly old now – come new resolutions and plans as always. For a long time I’ve tried to avoid these NYRs as they’re fashionably known as now, it also seems very suave to pooh-pooh them and say that I make resolutions as and when I need them and not on some randomly-anointed-by-a-king-a-long-time-ago day in the middle of winter. However, this year have been inspired by le wife’s logic that it is a good way to take stock, hope and give yourself that extra push to do what you’ve been intending to do.

So with that preamble, amongst many other aspirational targets nest the edutainment ones. The word edutainment of course adds a grandeur to the task and seems to be easier to convince oneself of a higher purpose than just entertainment, which equals ‘chilling’. So 52 weeks – 26 books and 52 movies. That is the goal. Not outrageously difficult, not terribly easy either. The tough part is what follows – to write/review/reflect on each of them.

I hark back to those days after passing out of school when I had a little diary where I religiously noted down every movie I saw and book I read. I wish I could lay my hands on it now. Working in learning and development has helped me appreciate the need for ‘knowledge management’ (or maybe that’s just incidental, but whatever). There’s so much information overload these days – one watches, hears, reads and consumes so much that it is physically impossible to retain it. And hence when on a slow weekend you sit and rate books on GoodReads and movies on IMDB, it is a little sad to know you’ve read/seen something but don’t really remember it well enough.

Recording data and brooding over it much time later is probably not a phenomenon unique to the modern world, but the platforms to do it are much more accessible. The way this blog and all of social media in fact builds up to keeping a record for posterity has always fascinated me. It is a rare pleasure to read a diary entry written many years ago. So without further ado (and hopefully a lesser number of clichés which come with a strengthened writing muscle) …


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